We’re Going Nuts for Coconut!

A mainstay of South Indian and Thai cuisine, coconuts are adored by food lovers around the globe. And for good reason; who can resist the delicate, sweet flavor of this hard-shelled fruit, with its delicious transporting effect.

New from Café Spice are 3 new artisan Thai meals developed by our culinary director and celebrated chef, Hari Nayak. Our authentic Thai line with Beef Massaman Curry, Yellow Tofu Curry and Red Chicken Curry begins our tasty entre into other South Asian cuisines. We’ve also cooked-up something new for fans of our Indian meals. Adding to our line we’re excited to introduce Chicken Coconut Curry, a popular South Indian comfort dish perfectly paired with our signature saffron Basmati rice.


Beef Massaman Curry with Thai Fried Rice:
Sautéed tender beef filets, onions, and potatoes, flavored with lemongrass and lime, simmered in a Massaman Curry Sauce with a coconut milk base, tamarind, and aromatic spices.

Yellow Tofu Curry with Thai Fried Rice:
For those who desire a vegan Thai meal, the Yellow Tofu Curry pairs flavorful tofu in a fragrantly spiced coconut milk sauce simmered with potatoes and onions.

Red Chicken Curry with Thai Fried Rice:
Red Chicken Curry rounds out the line with tender chicken bites simmered with onions, bamboo shoots, and carrots in a coconut milk broth with Thai spices.

Coconut Chicken Curry with Saffron rice:
Chicken simmered in a South Indian style sauce paired with basmati Saffron Rice