Environmental Stewardship

As a fresh prepared food company, based in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, Cafe Spice takes pride in being good stewards of the environment.  We recycle, which is an obvious part of our program, but we also work hard finding ways to reduce waste from the start and conserve energy in our day to day operations.

Energy conserving initiatives include:
– Switching from propane to natural gas
– Installing double insulated panels throughout facility
– Using fresh-air cooling strategies
– Investing in higher rated energy efficient equipment
– Changing over lighting to compact fluorescents (CFLs)
(which last 10xs longer than incadescent bulbs and can also be recycled)

The plastic trays we use for packaging are made from polypropylene resin (#5), a type of plastic that is widely collected nationwide by neighborhood recycling programs. Our trays and film are also BPA free.



Social Responsibility

Café Spice values social and economic development through empowerment and entrepreneurship.  To promote such global change, we have partnered with theWhole Planet Foundation (WPF), a non-profit organization of Whole Foods Market.  In March of this year, we furthered our commitment to Whole Planet Foundation by offering a scanback, contributing  5 cents of the sale of every fresh Cafe Spice meal sold at Whole Foods Market directly to Whole Planet Foundation.

Whole Planet Foundation provides grants to microfinance institutions in Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East, who in turn develop and offer microenterprise loan programs, training and other financial services to the self-employed poor.  To date, the foundation has authorized more than $60 million in loans and has funded more than $38 million in microlending programs, positively impacting more than 4 million people worldwide. Whole Foods Market covers 100 percent of the foundation’s administrative costs so that every dollar contributed goes to fund microloans.

In 2011, Payal Malhotra, Vice President of Café Spice, had the opportunity to travel with to Southern India to meet with women micro-entrepreneurs who have benefited from Whole Planet Foundation’s support. The average first microloan size in India is the equivalent of about $133, and enables an entrepreneur to buy equipment and supplies to start businesses ranging from farming and food manufacturing to tailoring and hardware stores.

Over the past three years Café Spice has contributed more than $75,000 to Whole Planet Foundation, to fund nearly 400 new microloans and help 2,000 people lift themselves out of poverty.

Dedication to Quality
and Flavor

Café Spice is a member of the Specialty Foods Association, an organization dedicated to food products of exceptional quality and that demonstrate innovation, style, originality, and authenticity. It is Café Spice’s mission to provide convenience while never compromising on our standards, always bringing you global cuisines true to their ethnic origins and restaurant quality.